INCI & Tgas : Sodium Benzotriazolyl Butylphenol Sulfonate & Buteth-3 & Tributyl Citrate

液體水溶性的陰離子紫外光穩定劑,對UVA和UVB有良好吸收作用,保護產品的安定,避免產品變色 - Water and alcohol soluble anionic UV light stabilizer. Easy to formulate liquid product by pre or post addition.

品牌商/Maker: BASF

苯並三唑基丁苯酚磺酸鈉 & 丁醇聚醚-3 & 檸檬酸三丁酚

液體水溶性的陰離子紫外光穩定劑,對UVA和UVB有良好吸收作用,保護產品的安定,避免產品變色,用量0.03 - 0.2%

Cibafast H Liq. is water and alcohol soluble and thus is suitable for all kinds of aqueous and alcoholic formulations. Concentrations of 0.03 to 0.30% are usually sufficient to stabilize formulations against photolytic degradation. Optimal incorporation levels depend on the individual formulation, the packaging and longterm stability requirements. Very strong and effective stabilizer systems can be created by combining Cibafast H Liq. with the excited state quencher Tinogard Q.

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